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One of the biggest challenges facing Property & Casualty Insurance companies is the high cost of replacing legacy Policy, Billing, Underwriting and Claims systems. In addition, the cost of upgrading to the next software..

Better Consulting

Abhay Solutions Information technology consulting services combines long-standing industry expertise with local market knowledge and data, allowing us to assist our clients with practical support and actionable strategy..

Enterprise Technologies

The business environment is changing. It is well known that Enterprise Technologies can be harnessed to meet these demands. Abhay brings world class expertise across all major platforms and technologies..

About Us

Abhay is a leading Information Technology Services and Technology Consulting Company based in USA, Canada, UK and India. We as a firm are passionate about helping our clients transform their organizations to get the most value out of their Technology assets. We have a unique advantage among consulting firms in being able to draw on Abhay Inc powerful corporate parentage: its institutional stability, technology expertise, and diverse resources. We play a pivotal role in Abhay’s initiatives in the important areas of intelligent infrastructure development and social innovation.

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Our Team

Sai Burra

Sai Burra is the founder and managing director of Abhay Solutions. He carries 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is known for his techno-functional expertise. He is responsible for defining the vision, strategy and governance within ASI and steering the direction of the company.

Founder and Managing Director

Murali Shashank

Murali Shashank is Vice President of Abhay Solutions with 19 years’ of experience with focused heavily on building the ASI brand and creating new opportunity to service customers throughout the USA, CANADA, UK & INDIA. Drove business Direction process to demonstrate Guidewire’s implementation approach and developed..

Vice President, Guidewire Solutions