About Us

Abhay is a leading Information Technology Services and Technology Consulting Company based in USA, Canada, UK and India. We as a firm are passionate about helping our clients transform their organizations to get the most value out of their Technology assets. We have a unique advantage among consulting firms in being able to draw on Abhay Inc powerful corporate parentage: its institutional stability, technology expertise, and diverse resources. We play a pivotal role in Abhay’s initiatives in the important areas of intelligent infrastructure development and social innovation.

Abhay’ core expertise is in providing solutions in the Guidewire, Duck Creek, Cyber Security, Cloud, Mobility and Custom application development verticals. We enabling superior operational performance and helping realize their business visions. We work within their existing processes and industry vocabulary to address targeted business challenges. We form seamless client-consultant teams and help businesses respond with superior insight, agility, and success, to dynamic global change.

We call our approach ‘strategic pragmatism’. This means providing high levels of support, clear outcomes, and implementable solutions. We draw on deep vertical expertise, our strategic operations acumen, and an ability to put our recommendations into practice with our clients, transferring critical knowledge along the way. We see measurable business results and client experience as coextensive: the quality of our counsel and collaborative interaction is as much ‘the product’ as the performance metrics we help to impact.